2013 update. After 7 years, this site has been updated, with an emphasis on quality resources for prospective teachers. It is by no means an exhaustive list of resources. It also emphasises the use of social bookmarking tags and other search facilities to keep up-to-date and tap into the rich resources embedded in the web 2.0 community. Hence, each page will start with a link to 'search tips' outlining key tag & keyword suggestions for searches.

Thank-you to members and other participants who have helped maintain the site so far. Looking forward to the next 7 years!!
Matthew Kearney. UTS, Sydney

This guide is primarily designed to assist prospective K-12 teachers. It is not designed to be an exhaustive library of ICT in Education sites but a guide to quality resources from a cross-section of areas in the field.

To search this wiki, please use the search facility in the LHS menu

Feel free to contribute to this site by:

a) Adding your own links or social bookmarking tags to valuable resources in the appropriate sub-section. Please only add quality, preferably free material that you think has innovative ideas or exemplary resources relating to the use of ICT in K-12 classrooms. Please use the general style and conventions of the site (font sizes, styles etc.) Pls. also use the Search facility at the top of the page to check that your resource is not already listed here.

b) Monitoring and if necessary repairing any broken links. If you come across a broken link, either truncate the URL and see if the main site still exists OR place the name of the site into Google to find the new URL.

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Last updated: June 2013